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Why Students Love This Course

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PoliceExam911 has earned a 5-star Customer Rating. Features that set it apart from the competition include:

  • Covers entire hiring process

  • Covers most common Police Exams in U.S.

  • Insightful Tutorials for each topic

  • Hundreds of Practice Questions for each topic

  • Online access - Self paced learning

  • 24X7 personalized Support from Sgt. Godoy

  • One-time fee - Lifetime access

  • Bonus Courses for Psych, Poly and Interview

  • Mobile Friendly and Always Up to Date

  • Proven Success with 1000's Satisfied Users

what agencies are covered?

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Competition is tough. Fully qualified applicants may not get hired simply due to the limited number of openings. I strongly recommend that you apply to multiple agencies in parallel to increase your chances of being hired. For this reason, PoliceExam911 covers ALL of the most popular police exam formats used in the U.S. including:

  • CPS HR Entry-Level Law Enforcement Exam

  • CWH Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Prep

  • DELPOE (Darany Police Officer Exam)

  • FBAT/CJBAT (Florida Basic Abilities Test)

  • Frontline National (NTN - National Testing Network)

  • LAPD PQE (Personal Qualifications Essay)

  • LEAB (Law Enforcement Abilities Battery)

  • LEVEL (published by Bannon & Associates - Texas)

  • LST (Law Enforcement Officer Selection Tool)

  • NPOST (National Police Officer Selection Test)

  • NCJOSI (National Criminal Justice Officer Selection Inventory)

  • NYPD Written Exam

  • PELLETB for most California Agencies

  • PO-EL (published by IPMA-HR)

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What's Included?

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Test Topics Covered Include:

  • Writing Skills - Clarity, Spelling and Vocabulary

  • Police Report Writing

  • Reading Comprehension including CLOZE

  • Logical Reasoning - Inductive and Deductive

  • Problem Solving and Judgement

  • Situational Judgement Testing

  • Math Refresher for Police Officers

  • Memorization Skills - Visual and Written

  • Visualization Skills

    • Flexibility of Closure

    • Spatial Orientation

    • Selective Attention

    • Facial Recognition

bonus courses

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Bonus Courses Cover the Entire Hiring Process

  • Managing your Job Search

  • Creating an Outstanding Application

  • Winning Inputs for Bio Data Surveys

  • Mastering the Psych Exam

  • Mastering the Polygraph

  • Mastering the Structured Interview

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Extraordinary Opportunity

Police Written Exam Preparation

Congratulations on deciding to pursue a career in law enforcement. My name is Sgt. George Godoy. I loved my time as a police officer and police training specialist.

In my retirement, I now provide the very finest in online prep courses for various law enforcement agencies. I am dedicated to helping anyone who is serious about working in this field.  

If you follow my advice, you will enjoy an action-packed, exciting career dedicated to protecting your community and making a positive difference in the world.

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